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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NoBuddies - Bill's Game Intervention (Episode 10)

Do you have a friend that gets so into sports video games that it scares you a little? Watch this episode with the knowledge that I have a friend just like this. As a side note, he has the same boxers as Bill which was a frightening coincidence. Also of note: the friend is an actual person that is not me. This isn't like "I have this friend with herpes" when I actually have the herpes. Hey, wait a second. What's with the third degree, NoBuddies viewer? Just watch the episode and stop delving into my life! Sheesh!

Bill takes his hockey game a little too seriously. Gray and Cal intervene.

Writer's Note - That is not my hand on Bill's upper thigh. It is an unfortunate screen capture.

Bill - William Franke
Gray - Sean McCormack
Cal - Kevin Tor

Directed by William Franke
Written by Kevin Tor

Music - "Flow is Special" by rockamic (ccMixter)

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