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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NoBuddies - Actor Whisperer Part 2 (Episode 12)

What can be said that hasn't already been said? Mungle buckets. That's the first thing I can think of. Mungle buckets is the result of laughing so hard that drool comes out of your mouth and you need something to catch it. This leads us to a new phrase, "Hey get my mungle bucket, NoBuddies is about to start."

Girl got deep into her method training for Football Princess 2. The gang brings in the Actor Whisperer to talk her down. Does it work?

Bill - William Franke
Gray - Sean McCormack
Cal - Kevin Tor
Girl - Sue White
Alexis - Catherine Nicora
AW - Dan Truman

Directed by William Franke
Written by William Franke, Sean McCormack, & Kevin Tor

Music - "Flow is Special" by rokamic (ccMixter)
"Montage" by Kevin MacLeod